Why use a Design Sprint? – NEON Sprints

Why use a Design Sprint?

Design Sprints are an effective tool to reduce risks when launching new products, get answers quickly and they lead to a deeper understanding of user needs and wants. Running a Design Sprint is especially useful when a team needs validated results for complex challenges. The framework contains elements from the design process, Design Thinking, and wraps them in agile values. And the result is a “best of” that can be used to solve almost any challenge.

The Design Sprint method can be used for a variety of challenges. By running a Design Sprint, validated results for a specific Design Sprint Challenge are produced within a very short time. So, the method is perfect for developing a new product or service, improving an existing one, or aligning and empowering a team. Therefore, running a Design Sprint helps by delivering validated results to a specific Design Sprint challenge within a week.

Using a Design Sprint helps you to:

  • Align a team towards one goal and clarify the specific challenge
  • Make effective decisions
  • Get better results faster by working in what we call the “together-alone-mode” instead of brainstorming
  • Develop user-centred products and services by building a prototype
  • Build up a better understanding of the customer by testing the prototype with real users
  • Get validated results for critical business questions

Today it is no longer enough to have a „good quality product“– you need the right product. And Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out whether a product is worth developing. Ultimately, it is a tool for answering critical business questions in record time. For example the team gets answers whether a certain feature makes the difference or whether the performance promise is really relevant for the target group. 

What is a Design Sprint