What is a Design Sprint? – NEON Sprints

What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a user-oriented methodology that solves problems by designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with real users. And all that before many hours of development are invested in developing an idea. The Design Sprint helps to make decisions based on validated results. Design Sprints empower and align teams towards one clearly defined goal. All this within just 5 days.

There are various Design Sprint approaches, like the Design Sprint 2.0 and the Design Sprint 3.0. And some of these approaches are one or even two days shorter. We at NEON Sprints work with a Design Sprint approach that allows us to have certain Design Sprint team members participate during the first 2 days only. Because this makes it much easier to integrate the Design Sprint into a calendar full of meetings.

Our Design Sprint process:

Design Sprint process NEON English

The result of running a Design Sprint is a tested and validated prototype, a clear approach and a team focused on the right problem. In general, we recommend going through all six phases of the Design Sprint. But there are also situations and projects where a shorter workshop using individual tools can be the right fit.

So, check out our short explanation video What is a Design Sprint? Get an OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of the process