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Design Sprint Facilitation Training




Ready to use methods

Everything we do in our Design Sprint Training is driven by pragmatic application in your projects. We are no fans of lengthy Power Point presentations and extensive theoretical sessions. We love hands-on approaches with pen and paper, creating immediate outcome. You will expand your methodological tool box with more than just Design Sprint exercises.

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Facilitation skills

Given the right framework anyone can be a good facilitator. Whether in a Design Sprint, as a team leader or in a meeting. We will show you how to motivate and empower your team and how to deal with difficult participants. Plus: Practical coaching sessions through the actual moderation of Design Sprint exercises for each participant. Individual moderation feedback included.

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Playbook & Checklist

The NEON Design Sprint Playbook and checklists are designed to help you integrate your new expert knowledge into your work and provide you with all the input you need. And best of all, it’s in addition to our training materials! Always hands-on, combat-tested and pragmatic.


After successfully completing our Design Sprint Training you will receive your Design Sprint Master certificate! As an official Design Sprint facilitator you can run your own Design Sprints, use the methodology for your own projects or spread the knowledge in your company!

Your Design Sprint & FaCILITATION Training in detail

We have developed a unique training concept consisting of Design Sprint exercises, theoretical method knowledge and hands-on facilitation training and coaching.

Google Design Sprint Facilitation Training

Day 1

Design Sprint planning and preparation /
Design Sprint challenge definition /
Team empowerment /
Facilitation exercises /
Create solutions and empower non-creatives /
All Snacks, lunch and drinks included /

Design Sprint Training Participant

Day 2

Effective decision making /
Turning ideas into prototypes /
Creation of a storyboard /
Prototype & User testing /
Q&A session (ext. Design Sprints Expert) /
All Snacks, lunch and drinks included /

Day 3

Management of difficult teams & participants /
Every day useful facilitation tips and tricks /
Design Sprint follow-up & what’s next /
Discussion of the next steps /
All Snacks and drinks included /



We would be nothing without our great customers and students. Take a closer look what they say and hopefully be soon part of our growing Design Sprint facilitator family ūüíē

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Our Mindset

Source:New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World–and How to Make It Work for You”. You can get it here.

Meet your Design Sprint Experts & Trainers

Design Sprint Trainer Tomek

Tomasz Borek
Head of training

Tomasz is an passionated trainer and coach. He has more than 15 years of experience in implementing innovation and process optimization methods such as Lean Management, Six Sigma, Change Management or Design Sprints for international clients.

Design Sprint Trainer Christine

Christine Harm
Innovation Strategist

Christine is a strategy and insight specialist. She was responsible for brand communication and product development for global Food- and Care Brands. Her focus is on customer insight driven product development and brand architecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should participate

Who should participate?

All who are frustrated that it takes too long to develop good results and want to get things on the road faster. And all the methods are looking for ways to change that problem.

So the Design Sprint Training is aimed at everyone who wants to optimize existing products or develop new products faster – especially people who work with product, UX or marketing teams, who are interested in innovation, process hacks, customer-oriented product development and/or rapid prototyping.

  • Team leaders and managers
  • Product manager / Product owner
  • Marketing managers and executives
  • Designer (UX, UI, Product, etc.)
  • Developer
  • Start-Up founder
  • Category manager
  • R&D manager
  • Strategy and research experts
  • Project and innovation manager

..and everyone else who wants to run their own Design Sprints.

Is it worth the investment?

Is it worth the investment?

Yes, absolutely! Your Design Sprint & Facilitation Training is much more than just another Design Sprint training in which you are introduced to the method. From the first minute you get useful and innovative tips and hacks that really help you. Your Design Sprint & Facilitation Training is designed to make sure you can really use the training content in your everyday business life.

The training includes so much more than just Design Sprints. All the techniques we show you in our Design Sprint & Facilitation Training can be successfully used outside of a Design Sprint for any kind of project challenge! We believe that as a good facilitator you will achieve more in every workshop, training and meeting, because for us good facilitation means good team leadership.

In our Design Sprint & Facilitation Training you will learn how to:

  • Prepare and effectively conduct a Design Sprint.
  • Put together and prepare the right team for a Design Sprint.
  • Handle difficult participants in a Design Sprint.
  • Understand when and for what exactly you need which person and role in the process.
  • Deal with the biggest challenges of a Design Sprint.
  • Test and improve your moderation skills by running Design Sprint exercises during the training.
  • Improve your facilitation skills through individual feedback from experienced trainers.
  • Plan the next steps after your Design Sprint.

After finishing your Design Sprint & Facilitation Training you will get our NEON Design Sprint playbook and checklists so that you are optimally prepared for your own Design Sprint. In addition you will get your complete training documentation. This way you will can always prepare for running your own Design Sprint.

What language is the training in?

Normally our training courses are held in English or German, depending on the participants group, but we also offer Polish and Swedish as training languages. Just ask us!

Do I need any previous knowledge?

Do I need any previous knowledge for the Design Sprint facilitation training?

No. You don’t need any special knowledge to participate in our Design Sprint & Facilitation Training. However, the better you’re prepared, the more you will learn from your training. Therefore, we recommend to read the Google Design Sprint book or to have a look at our NEON Design Sprint Youtube Channel.

You want to learn the Design Sprint in just one day? Check out our 1-Day Design Sprint Training. Perfect for Design Sprint beginners.

If you’re looking for more Design Sprint info, check out:

Is there a team discount?

If you would like to book our training with your team or several friends, please contact us. We offer discounts for smaller groups. And from six participants upwards we also organize exclusive in-house classes at your location. Contact:

What exactly does the Design Sprint Training look like? / What do I get for my money?

What exactly does the Training look like? / What do I get for my money?

We’ll turn you into a certified Design Sprint and Facilitation Master within just 2.5 days! So we begin practical learning immediately with a closer look at your facilitation skills. Then we go step by step through the Design Sprint exercises, starting with the preparation phase to build up .

Below we have a little training summary for you about the different days 

Day 1

  • What is a Design Sprint?
    • Methods Overview
  • Design Sprint Team & Structure
    • Team composition, expert selection, roles & responsibilities in a Design Sprint
  • Principles of Design Sprint moderation
    • Prerequisites for a successful sprint moderation
  • The Design Sprint in practice
    • The most important sprint exercises with application and insider tips
  • Problem Framing
    • How to successfully define the Design Sprint challenge

 Day 2

  • Facilitation techniques
    • How to integrate and align different team members
  • Creation of solutions
    • How to break the ice and empower everyone to be creative
  • Design Sprint decisions in the spotlight
    • How to deal with difficult decision-making processes
  • Storyboarding + Prototyping + Testing
    • How to connect the dots to achieve fast, insightful results
  • Q&A Session
    • Answering individual questions and exchanging experiences

 Day 3

  • Design Sprint in practice
    • The most important Design Sprint exercises with application and insider tips
  • Follow-up & next steps
    • How to finish a Design Sprint and what happens afterwards
  • Challenges in a Design Sprint
    • Difficult situations and participants and effective ways to deal with them
How hands-on and suitable for daily business is the knowledge imparted in the training?

How hands-on and suitable for daily business is the knowledge imparted in the training?

We from NEON Sprints ensure that everything we teach you in our Design Sprint & Facilitation Training has been tried and tested in real-world projects. We’ve run hundreds of Design Sprints, especially in and for businesses. Which is a whole different animal than running Design Sprints with Startups, like teams with a different levels of pre-knowledge, different cultures, busy calendars, etc. So we have adapted the process and the exercises to each training environment so that you can really integrate your knowledge into your daily work.

Everything we show you in our Design Sprint & Facilitation Training focuses on pragmatic application in your projects. We are not fans of long Powerpoint presentations and theoretical methods. We love practical approaches that let you get creative with flipcharts, pen and paper. Better results. Faster

Why should I book the Design Sprint Training with NEON instead of other training agencies?

Why should I book the Design Sprint Training with NEON instead of other training agencies?

At NEON Sprints we know the most common problems and difficulties that occur in projects, workshops and Design Sprints. Why? Because we have been there in our very own projects many times. And we love to share our experiences with you. As a result of these struggles, we have developed effective tips and tools from our own experience to solve these problems. Many times we have wished we had this knowledge before rushing into our first Design Sprints. In our Design Sprint training we are ready to share theses kick ass hacks with you.

Pragmatic approaches that work instead of theoretical presentations, effective and useful instead of busy-working.