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We publish fresh content on product development, running design sprints and innovation on a weekly basis in our Product Mastermind group on Facebook.

Why a product design sprint?

It is no longer enough to have a „good quality product“ – you need the right product. Product design sprints are the fastest way to find out whether a product is worth developing, whether a feature will make the difference or whether the value proposition is really relevant for the target group.


Invest a week and save months of development time and cost. Want to find out more?

What's it for?

In the last two years we have run design sprints for websites, configurators, app concepts, e-learning concepts, voice skills for Amazon Alexa, chatbots, content concepts, as well as for physical products.


A sprint is particularly effective in finding out how and whether new technologies can be used sensibly for your own target group. Want to find out more?

How does it work?

The design sprint is essentially a 5-day intensive hackathon. We’ve improved the process, so as a client you only need to free yourself up for the first two days.


Monday we define the challenges and the extent of the week. Tuesday is about deciding what challenges the prototype will face. Wednesday and Thursday we prepare the test and create a compelling prototype, that is then tested with real users on Friday.


The result after 5 days is a validated concept with real user feedback and a clear definition of the next steps.


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