Google Design Sprint Training

What does a free demo include?

We’ll run a free 30-minute workshop for your team so you can experience first-hand the types of methods we use and how effective they can be for your team. We’ll customize the format to address a real challenge—based on what we learn from our brief intro call.

Remote or In-person?

This depends on geography, timing (and of course the state of this pandemic!). Our methods have been tested and proven in all environments and were always built to accommodate both distributed and gathered teams.

How do I request a demo?

It begins with a brief intro call to determine which type of workshop would be the best fit. We’ll book your workshop during that call. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

We are masters of collaboration.

We learned long ago that most project challenges begin from a place of misalignment, compounded by unclear goals and issues in communication.

Our work begins here — by providing a framework for team alignment, goal clarity and communication — where we teach teams how to work together for maximum results.

Once the team is aligned and communication is streamlined, our project framework leads development with opportunities for constant validation and iteration, backed by data. This means less time spent, fewer resources wasted, and more confidence in the project launch.

And yes — it works just as well when done remotely!

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