The Problems:

Time spent talking about work > time spent working.

Communication is chaotic and multi-channel (email, Slack, text, etc).

Tasks get assigned before goals are aligned, and sometimes work must be re-done. 

People have different periods of productivity and availability. 

We went from all day in meetings to all day in Zoom calls. It’s still not working..

Introducing: The Get Sh*t Done Framework

We’ve built and field-tested a different type of work week—one with preserved blocks of work time and standardized check-ins—to help maximize productivity and create space to get sh*t done.

This structure is designed to optimize your team’s time, especially in a working climate like the one we’re currently in—where people aren’t able to give their full time to their jobs and task prioritization is essential.

The GSD framework maximizes and streamlines collaboration and meeting time, and leaves ample space for individual work so that teams can work autonomously, faster and more efficiently.

FYI: Our frameworks are designed for both remote and in-person team work.

You can tell your boss it’s called the 3-block week, but we’ll still know what you mean. 😉

Built by a mom of twin toddlers and a globally-dispersed team — so we know our sh*t.

NEON Frameworks get results

✅ YES—even with reduced and asynchronous working hours!

✅ YES—even with toddlers crying on your Zoom calls!

✅ YES—even with your non-tech-savvy teammates!

✅ and YES—even when we all someday return to the office!

How to Start?

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➡️ Align your team, streamline communication & increase productivity IMMEDIATELY.

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