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We publish fresh content on product development, running design sprints and innovation on a weekly basis in our Product Mastermind group on Facebook.

Since 2002 our team members have not only built up successful companies in Hamburg, New York and LA. But have also worked in various constellations on groundbreaking projects. The launch of the first low-cost airline in Germany, the creation of a new type of business magazine, the global re-launch of a men’s brand or the invention of a connected smart home system for one of the worlds largest retailers.


When we started developing our own digital product in 2015, we realized (after twelve months of investment), that the process we had implemented so far no longer worked. Idea development and execution are no longer the challenge. The exponentially more difficult part is to understand why people buy one product over another.


This is why we work with design sprints today. It gives us validated answers and solutions in just a week. And we’ve come to help teams develop completely new products or optimize existing ones. Want to find out more about the process?


Inquiries about product development: thorsten@neonsprints.com

Inquiries about training & moderation: tomek@neonsprints.com

General Inquiries: rick@neonsprints.com


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