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Dysfunctional collaboration is expensive:


of projects fail. Many of these projects begin without total team buy-in and clear goals.
Source: 4 PM


projects run at least 200% over budget, often because they aren’t validated or tested before launch.
Source: Harvard Business Review


of a manager’s time is spent in meetings. Time spent talking about the work>time spent doing the work.
Source: Wrike

Facilitation as Transformation

We build on the work you’ve already done instead of throwing it away. Plus, we focus on your product, service and business, not the method: We’re tool agnostic and prescribe only the methods that apply to your unique business challenges. Virtual and onsite.


Training for shared understanding

We frame chaos by getting new methods to stick, helping teams get unstuck, and finding the business-customer sweet spot. Virtual and onsite.

Want to find out where your team is stuck?


Sample the DIY training on our facilitation resource page



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We help experts do their best work.

We train teams in our methods and onboard organizations to help get leadership buy-in for the game-changing initiatives they were hired to do.

We also create customized solutions for organizations who want to go further, faster.

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Team Tested, Manager Approved.
Backed By Data.

We spent years collecting data and observing how teams work together, and used everything we learned to develop our frameworks for better work. We then tested, redeveloped and validated our methods until they worked for every team, every time.

And the best part? They were developed to work onsite and remotely.

NEON Trainings are really great for people who are running sessions, facilitate groups and even working in short sessions or meetings.

Thanks for being so refreshingly different – and for the great inspiring work with you.

Learn a better way to work, with lasting results and long-term effects.