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We publish fresh content on product development, running design sprints and innovation on a weekly basis in our Product Mastermind group on Facebook.

Develop successful products
in just 5 days!

We use Google design sprints to help ambitious product teams
develop better product concepts. Faster!

Product Design Sprints

NEON Sprints has a clear focus – we help great teams develop successful product concepts in record time. Solutions that sell.


Our team consists of experts in design, lean development, business modeling and branding.


In recent years we have developed and optimized a wide range of successful product concepts with our customers ranging from voice skills and chat bots to personal care products and marketing concepts.

Sprint Trainings

Less theory, more doing: Our trainings are hands-on, packed with best and worst practice cases and immediately implementable content.


We have open trainings for everyone or individual trainings for companies and teams.

Join the tribe

We at NEON Sprints are super curious. We thrive to understand people’s behavior, identify challenges and find creative solutions.


We work with the best product teams seeking growth, influence and agility to design and build better, more successful products, services and experiences. Do you want to join or partner with us?


Inquiries about product development: thorsten@neonsprints.com

Inquiries about training & moderation: tomek@neonsprints.com

General Inquiries: rick@neonsprints.com


NEON Sprints
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